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  • Cartridge heaters are made of a swaged construction that consists in a high-grade nickel chromium resistance wire wound around a high-quality MgO core that is cantered in a stainless steel casing. 
  • Application: Molds, dies, platens, hot plates, sealing, fluid heating, aerospace, semiconductor and food heating equipment.
  • Made to order, we will deliver heater in typically 5 days
  • Using premium Kanthal Heating Resistance wires. (Kanthal® is a world-leading Swiss brand for products and services in the area of industrial heating technology and resistance materials.)
  • Made to order, we will deliver heat in typically 3-5 days
  • Performance: Part Temperature to 760°C (Incoloy sheath)/ 540°C (stainless steel sheath). 
  • Heating Element: Nickel-chromium resistance wire, precisely wound and centred in the unit, ensure even distribution of heat to the sheath.
  • Conductor pins metallurgically bonded to the resistance  wire ensure trouble free electrical continuity
  • Magnesium oxide insulation of specific grain and purity results in high dielectric strength and contributes to faster heat up.
  • Minimal spacing between the element wire and sheath results in lower internal temperature, giving smaller heater to operate at high watt densities.

Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Wattage at 230V
6.5 40 100,150,200
50 100,150,200,250
60 100,200,300
80 150,200
100 150,200
8 40 100,200,250
50 100,200,300
60 200,300,400
80 200,300,400
100 200,300,400
130 240,400
10 40 100,200
50 150,200,250
60 150,200,300
80 200,250,300,400
130 300,400,500,600
160 400,500,650
11-25mm For sizes and rating not listed, we will design and made to yourt requriements.
Pls specific OD, Length, wattage and lead length.

a) Make a hole in the section that is to be heated.
b) Ream a smooth hole for contact and for better heat transfer. 

c) Extend the hole through the section so that the unit can be driven out if you should need to remove it. 

d) If making a through hole is impossible, increase the size of the hole without exceeding the tolerances shown in Figure 2. 

e) Reduce the vibration and flexing of the lead wires to prolong 
service life. 

f) Prevent contamination from liquids by protecting the end of the heater. 

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